Tuesday, December 22, 2009

this is syikin writing. after what seem like ages away. i've never been one to jump into a bandwagon, throw caution to the wind and let fate decides my course. however, when i handed in my resignation notice about 1 year ago, i did just that. all three of the above.

marriage changed me. no, love changed me. however complicated, however twisted my story was...it turns out that the good Lord still has mercy on me. am i grateful? u bet i do. beyond words.

i told my husband that i'm not used to being lucky, never had the luxury of getting whatever i wish for. he said i better start getting used to it. and start believing.

dulu gamble mintak kpli...skali mtk trus dpt. along the way, God bagi a bundle of joy in form of a baby (well...not yet born, but insyaAllah if all goes well next May he/she will come to this world). even though my health was very poor throughout the later part of my time in college, i managed to get good results. if that's not good luck, then i don't know what to call it.

today another good news came...i got my posting in kelantan. my husband is the happiest of all i think. of course we'll still be away from each other. and with baby coming, it'll get a bit more tougher. but i think it's nothing we can't handle. we've been through a lot more difficult times, so many trials before...i can safely say our backbones are stronger now. haha. we'll work it out eventually.

shall be writing again soon. as for now, i'm basking in the joy and blessings that the God has bestowed upon us. Alhamdulillah.



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